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Spyphone: How it works, in detail

Room Monitoring

Room monitoring (live audio) allows you to pick up any sounds nearby your spyphone, according to the type of software installed (whether OFF-LINE or ON-LINE). This can be done both through a call from a "pilot" number and using data connection of the target phone. During a room monitoring session the spyphone does not emit any sound or light signal. So no any change occurs in its visual or physical features.

Phone call interception

The mobile phone call eavesdropping allows to listening to any incoming and outgoing calls of the spy phone. These calls are promptly recorded and sent, via mobile data connection, to an anonymous server through which you will have full access to the spy phone functions. In case of absence or loss of data connection, the audio recordings of calls are hiddenly stored within the phone memory, before being sent to the server at the first useful connection.

All mentioned operations are completely invisible to the spyphone user, as this does not emit any sounds or visual signal while a call registration is occurring.

Unlike other versions or releases, our software allows you to listen to both parties who are speaking thus having a clear and direct understanding of the phone call content.

Calls list

On demand, the spy phone sends the list of calls (both made and received) directly by means of a special hidden application installed on the "pilot" mobile phone, in order to hold it far from prying eyes. The call list can also be sent to the server containing all the spy phone data, depending on the software installed on it. This and all other functions can be turned on or off at any time by the user.

All calls will be identified by the telephone along with the associated name in the phone book and totally sent to the controlling web server, in order to know the specific details of each preset number.

sms interception

The SMS interception function allows you to instantly spy on all incoming or outgoing text messages to and from the spyphone, which will silently send a copy to the preset monitoring number, or web server control when using the ON-LINE software solution. In case of an OFF-LINE choice, all text messages will be collected in a special application installed on the "pilot" mobile phone that will keep them away from any prying eyes. Both those features can be turned on or off remotely without having to get hold of the spy phone.

In addition to this SMS text exchange, it is now possible to get any kind of instant messaging (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.), and third-party programs for the exchange of multimedia content (audio, video, pictures etc.). These data will be intercepted and processed in the same way* for recovering of sensitive information and data.

  *You'll need to activate the administrator rights on the phone.
GPS/GSM Location

The GPS/GSM function enables the user who owns the monitoring phone to receive GPS coordinates of the spy phone at any time, by using of the internal GPS antenna of the spy phone or the information of mobile phone operator.Taking advantage of the ON-LINE software the monitoring user will be able to follow, in a systematic way, all the spyphone movements and choose the time interval between the locate points.

It is clear that, in order to receive the GPS coordinates, the related area must be covered by the satellite so that spy phone can receive the GPS signal. If the interested area is not covered, or the spyphone is e.g. inside a tunnel, the coordinates won't not be sent.

Call recording

This feature allows to record any live sounds and audio conversations occurring nearby the spyphone, even in time scheduled mode, being able to choose as well the recording time and date. During all the recording operations no beep can be heard by any of the two parties, unlike what happens for other spyphone softwares.

Compatibility and available models


The spyphone software is compatible with the most common smartphones using Android, Blackberry or iPhone platform.

It is better you contact us by email, or calling to +39 080 3026530, for choosing the right mobile phone compatible with our software. You can even ask for further information of any kind.

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