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The mobile forensic data extractor is a powerful analysis tool, perfect for gathering information, investigative research and more:

  • hierarchical "tree" view for easy navigation between phone content, hex dump, files, and analyzed data
  • powerful search tools with pattern matching feature
  • displays location of the analyzed data within the phone memory and file system
  • saves, prints, customizes and exports the extracted data

The mobile forensic data extractor is the ultimate standalone mobile forensic device, perfect not only for field operations, but also for investigative laboratory. The mobile forensic data extractor is the perfect solution for people who need fast, comprehensive mobile forensic capabilities.

With its add-on module for advanced extraction and analysis of evidence, the mobile forensic data extractor can perform a physical data extraction, file system dump and reconstruction, and even extract stored passwords.
The mobile forensic data extractor
enables recovery of invaluable evidence information that would not be normally accessible using the standard software extraction techniques.

The mobile forensic data extractor extracts vital information from 95% of all cellular phones available on the market today, including smartphones and PDA devices (Palm OS, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, and Google Android). Simple to use even outdoors, with no need to be connected to a PC, the mobile forensic data extractor can easily store hundreds of phonebooks and content items into an SD card or USB flash drive.
Mobile forensic data extractor is compatible with most major carriers worldwide, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange France and Telstra Australia, as well as several others in many countries. This ensures that any future devices are supported, even prior to retail launch.

Mobile forensic data extractor

software mobile data extractor

COD. ART.:Cell-Analyzer


The mobile forensic data extractor system is delivered along with with a user-friendly PC reporting and analysis software application. This application generates concise, easy to analyze report logs, which can be saved in HTML, XLS, CSV, and XML formats, providing organized print-outs that can be used as a reference and as evidence in the courtroom.


The mobile forensic data extractor system is extremely user friendly, with an intuitive interface that has been used and fully tested for over 8 years, by thousands and thousands of users worldwide.

The mobile forensic data extractor allows you to extract a wide range of data and information, including:

  • Contact lists
  • SMS text messages (incoming and outgoing)
  • Deleted text messages (saved on SIM or USIM)
  • Call history (Received, Dialed, Missed)
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Pictures and images
  • Ringtones
  • Phone details (IMEI / ESN ID numbers, phone number)


The mobile forensic data extractor is used by the military, by law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies across the world, and it allows its users to quickly extract a wide range of data and information, with a forensically safe process which doesn't harms the phone or the SIM memory.
Extracting data in a "surgical" manner allows users to maintain the integrity of the data, ensuring that the evidence will be admissible in a court of law.


  • complete extraction of existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including calls history (outgoing and incoming), text messages (sent and received), contact lists, images, audio files and geotags
  • powerful search engine allows for reconstruction and analysis of the phone hex dump data, that can be used for intelligence gathering, investigative research, and as a legal evidence in court
  • compatible with most GPS devices, allows to find GPS locations on Google Maps and to display the relevant whereabouts on Google Earth
  • compatibility with all phone models available on the market
  • fast and intuitive extraction process


The mobile forensic data extractor is able to extract a wide range of information from GPS devices, including latitude and longitude of GPS locations. The analyzer allows you to visualize both existing and deleted locations on Google Earth.
In addition, location information from GPS devices and image geotags can be tracked down on Google Maps.


  • mobile forensic data extractor combines the most complete data extraction capabilities on the market, with the highest possible level of compatibility with several devices
  • logical data extraction from more than 3000 mobile phones
  • physical data extraction from more than 700 mobile phones and GPS devices
  • file system extraction and reconstruction from more than 900 phones and GPS devices
  • password extraction from more than 650 mobile phones
  • supports all most popular mobile device operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Brew, Android, and BlackBerry
  • phones are supported regardless of network carrier or technology
  • monthly updates to software ensure compatibility with newly launched phone models
  • data cables for all supported phones


  • tracking of GPS locations and geotags on Google Maps
  • visualization of GPS fixes and locations on Google Earth
  • built in SIM reader
  • unicode supported content extraction
  • multilingual user interface in 14 languages
  • reports for viewing, saving, printing, exporting, and analyzing extracted data.
  • portable, fast and easy to use, the mobile forensic data extractor is powered by a battery, and includes all accessories needed for field operation, even in bad weather conditions
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