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: Some or all of the above items above, or some configurations of the items above, may be restricted for sale to government or law enforcement agencies only or may be restricted for export from or to various countries.

The information and specifications presented herein are for informational and evaluation purposes only and do not constitute an offer for sale of these items. An offer for sale can only be made by authorized company personnel in direct response to an official inquiry or purchase order made on the requesting agencies letterhead or official purchase order.

All other requests will be ignored. Where items are restricted for export, it is the responsibility of the purchasing agency to obtain the appropriate permits and documents to facilitate the legal export of these items. All specifications are subject to change and availability. Please don't ask for the general price list, but only for single item price. We donīt have a complet (general) price list, because our supplier, are manufacturer and no traders. Every item is customised for our clients. We can offer the same item for different price. The Difference is only specification, quantity and wishes of the clients.

So, if you have any special requests or an item you are looking for, please tell us we will offer you the best option.
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